PHP Library

Download our PHP library and build your own custom integration!
Our library contains all needed classes and endpoints to our API.


Create a singleton object of the main class:

/** @var $etherMailerApi EtherMailerApi */
 $etherMailerApiInstance = EtherMailerApi::instance($ethermailer_api_key);

Here is an example of registering a contact:

$contactRegister = new ContactRegister();
$contactRegister->name = '';
$contactRegister->surname = '';
$contactRegister->email = '[email protected]';

$contactGroups = array();
$contactGroup = new ContactGroupPost();
$contactGroup->groupId = '123456';
$contactGroups[] = $contactGroup;
$contactRegister->groups = $contactGroups;
$contactRegister->senderProfileId = '78901234';
$contactRegister->urlRedirect = '';
$contactRegister->extraFieldValues = array();

return $ethermailerApiInstance->registerContact($contactRegister);


You may download the PHP library:

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