Let us explain a few things to let you get started with Ether Mailer

Before You Start

Ether Mailer is a web-based application for sending  marketing Email Newsletters so as to promote your business and products.

After registering to Ether Mailer you will have to create one or more contact groups and upload your contacts. Please see “Manage your contacts” below.

Once your contacts are uploaded you are ready to send your first Email Newsletter. You may use our Email Editor or upload your own html. Please see “Create a campaign” below.

After sending your campaign, Ether Mailer starts collecting statistics about your recipients’ behavior. Please see “View the campaign reports” for further details.

Always keep in mind, that Ether Mailer does not tolerate spam. Please review “Am I a spammer?” for further details.

Manage your contacts

The foundation of great email marketing is a clean, well organized and up-to-date list of email contacts.

Before adding your contacts, you should consider organizing them into groups. A group can be anything that has a meaning to your company or the type of your email newsletters. Try creating groups like “customers”, “vendors”, “colleagues”, etc. Of course, each contact may belong to more than one groups. A contact may be both a customer and a colleague.

You can upload your contacts in numerous ways: Upload an Excel spreadsheet or Text file, copy paste the email addresses, or add them one by one manually . It’s up to you.

If you don’t have any contacts yet, don’t worry! Ether Mailer offers you various tools to create signup forms, which you can easily customize and post on your website, eshop or Facebook Page.

Create a campaign

Now the interesting part: Create and send your campaign.

Ether Mailer offers you a variety of tools and editors to compose your Email Newsletter. Furthermore our File Manager stores all your uploaded files, that can be used again, if needed, in the future. You may also use the same newsletter design in future campaigns.

Each campaign may be sent to more than one contact groups. Ether Mailer assures that your contacts (recipients) will not receive duplicate email newsletters.

Furthermore, you can choose to send the campaign immediately or schedule it for a later date or time.

View the campaign reports

As soon as a campaign is sent, Ether Mailer starts collecting statistics about your recipients.

You can view the opens, clicks, unsubscribes, mark-as-spam clicks and much more.

You can view your most clicked links and your most active contacts.

Ether Mailer provides you also with information about the overall campaign performance during the day and during the week.

This valuable information helps you define the best strategy to build up your leads and sales.

Buy a subscription plan

Ether Mailer offers you a free plan in order to test it and decide if it suits your needs.

You may upgrade to a professional plan any time you want. With a paid plan you may upload more contacts and send unlimited campaigns!

You may pay via credit card, paypal or bank transaction. Click here to choose your plan.

All paid plans are billed monthly and payed in advance. By default Ether Mailer bills automatically your credit card or paypal account each month.

You can cancel your monthly subscription with just one click. This way, you can choose when you want to be billed. No cancelation fees are applied.

Am I a spammer?

Ether Mailer does not tolerate spam. We take sending reputation very seriously, in order to protect you and us by being blacklisted.

Ether Mailer constantly and automatically checks the email reputation and reviews all Email Newsletters.

We encourage all our users to use double opt in contact lists. When your contacts double optin, you have greater chances to pass our auto newsletter reviewer and thus, your emails to reach the recipient’s inboxes.

Try to answer the following questions:

  1. Are my contacts unaware of my business?
  2. Did I buy the contact list?
  3. Do I offer loans, gambling, sexual content, work from home, easy money, misleading coupons, etc?
  4. Is the content of the email or the links misleading? Do the links land to a website other than expected?

If you have answered at least one of the questions with YES, most propably Ether Mailer will reject your campaigns. There is a “no refund” policy for those situations.

Have a problem that is not listed?

Feel free to contact us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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