Am I a spammer?

Ether Mailer does not tolerate spam. We take sending reputation very seriously, in order to protect you and us by being blacklisted.

Ether Mailer constantly and automatically checks the email reputation and reviews all Email Newsletters.

We encourage all our users to use double opt in contact lists. When your contacts double optin, you have greater chances to pass our auto newsletter reviewer and thus, your emails to reach the recipient’s inboxes.

Try to answer the following questions:

  1. Are my contacts unaware of my business?
  2. Did I buy the contact list?
  3. Do I offer loans, gambling, sexual content, work from home, easy money, misleading coupons, etc?
  4. Is the content of the email or the links misleading? Do the links land to a website other than expected?

If you have answered at least one of the questions with YES, most propably Ether Mailer will reject your campaigns. There is a “no refund” policy for those situations.