Ether Mailer – The new way of Email and Mobile Marketing!


We would like to welcome you to our new on line service: Ether Mailer.
Ether Mailer is an advanced Email and Mobile Marketing tool.
Use Ether Mailer services to organize your company’s or even your clients’ marketing campaigns.

Ether Mailer provides detailed reports for each Email Newsletter or SMS that you send. Monitor their delivery, evaluate their impact and make all the analysis you want. Get information about WHOs and WHENs for your read messages. Check when and how many clicked on your messages’ links. Drill down the information you are provided through the Reporting Tool and discover all the analysis angles you are offered.

The reason to select and use Ether Mailer? Read below to get some ideas:

  • Send informational newsletters to your customers
  • Send bulk email or SMS messages with your new offers
  • Alert your audience of your new product
  • Send image or video samples from your portfolio
  • Send bulk invitations for your planned events
  • Send birthday and celebration greeting cards

Register now for free to discover the opportunities you get for an organized and highly efficient marketing strategy for your business!

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