Ether Mailer V2 is released!

Yes! Finally Ether Mailer V2 is here! And it’s powerful!

Check out the top new features of Ether Mailer:

Intuitive User Interface

You will just love the new user interface.
The new Ether Mailer has a clean and modern look & feel

Ligtning Fast Contact Import

Upload 10.000 contacts within 2 seconds
Yes! The new Ether Mailer is super fast!

File Manager

Check out our brand new File Manager:

  • Upload & Manage your files with ease
  • Move them into folders and insert your images into your Email Templates
  • Upload once, use in many templates and campaigns

10 times faster sending

Ether Mailer V2 is capable of sending more than 500.000 emails per hour

Cutting Edge Technologies

The second generation of Ether Mailer is built by using cutting edge technologies.
For the geeks: Java, Dropwizard, AngularJs , Shiro, JDBI, Jersey, Liquibase and many more…

Pay with Credit Card or Paypal

We accept all major Credit Cards and of course Paypal payments

We wish you abundant success with your Email Newsletters!

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