The brand new engine of Ether Mailer

We are proudly announcing the release of our brand new engine of Ether Mailer!

This new engine empowers Ether Mailer with an optimal distribution of email sending via various SMTP servers. It sends hundreds of emails in parallel, using complex algorithms to define the best matching SMTP server for each single email, while serving equally all customers of Ether Mailer. Well, this sounds complicated and much work for each single email. Yes it is. But ether-mailer succeds to do all that work and send each email in only 20 milliseconds! This means that ether-mailer is capable to send over 150.000 emails per hour! This is just amazing!

Why is this important to you?


Your newsletters are now beeing sent almost 20 times faster than before! If you send a newsletter to 5.000 recipients, your entire newsletter will be sent in ca 2 minutes!

Better Reputation – Less spam

Your emails have a higher chance to be delivered to inboxes. We minimize the possibility to be delivered to the spam/junk folders. Your emails are distributed to many SMTP servers. This is a standard practice to maximize email reputation and minimize spam. Each SMTP server is configured in a way to follow best practices, accepted by major providers, such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL and others.

Delivery Reports

Ether Mailer provides you with much better statistics! Each SMTP server collects reports, user actions (email open, click, etc) and email delivery reports sent by remote smtp servers. ether-mailer collects all these reports from all SMTP servers and generates a report for each campaign. You may now see much better statistics in Ether Mailer. All of these are got directly from the source: the SMTP servers! And almost in real time!

Spam Reports

Who has dared to click “this is spam”?. This is a brand new feature offered to you! Your statistics now include the recipients who have clicked on the button “this is spam”. These recipients are automatically unsubscribed and removed from your contact list. We have partnered with many major email providers, which inform us of those actions. Our system collects all this information and generates a report.

Thank you for your loyalty!

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