3 killer email marketing mistakes to avoid

Most businesses send email newsletters to communicate their products, offers, news, etc. So we end up every morning with many emails waiting in our inbox. Some look professional and appealing. Some look odd and unprofessional. I’ll cover here 3 tips on what not to do when sending email newsletters.

1. Sending from a gmail, hotmail, yahoo etc account

It looks unprofessional to send email newsletters using a gmail, hotmail or yahoo account. Your business definitely owns a domain, eg. www.supershop.com. You should rather send your email newsletters using that domain instead, eg from [email protected]

2. Sending to purchased lists

Do not ever ever ever buy a list of contacts. Yes I know they are cheap. Yes it is a temptation to be able to send your newsletter to thousands of recipients for a few bucks. But the reality is that you will end up with damaging the email reputation of your business. The good scenario is that most of the recipients will mark the newsletter as spam and unsubscribe. The bad scenario is that your email address will be blacklisted for a long period of time. All subsequent newsletters will end up in the spam folders. This is really bad!

3. Sending image-only based emails

Many email subscribers have images turned off by default. This means that your emails will look empty. Furthermore many spam filters dislike such emails. So, consider enriching your emails with text. Combine text with images using a nice template. Create call-to-action buttons using text instead of images.

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