How to get the images just right in the emails

An image is worth a thousand words, especially in emails where the space is limited. We already know that content is the king, but on the other hand, our eyes are attracted by images and our brain interprets them faster than reading text.

You should always insert images in your email newsletters. Some may be full width, some other may let the texts float around them. Here are some guidelines on how to use images just right:

1. Do not flood your email newsletter with images

Use a good proportion of text vs image. The image complements the text. Not vise-versa.

2. Do not use a one-image-only email newsletter

Amateur marketeers tend to create one image in photoshop (or another image editing app). That one-image contains text, pictures, call-to-action buttons, contact info, etc. This is wrong! Just don’t do that. Many subscribers have not enabled images by default. This means that your email will appear empty to them. They will delete the email and even worse, the may unsubscribe.

3. Add alt-tags

Alt-tags are displayed on email clients when images are not enabled by default. You may add the message of the image in the alt-tag, so that the subscriber can read the message even when no images are displayed.

4. Don’t use images for call-to-action buttons

As stated above, images may be disabled. In that case, call-to-action buttons will not be displayed, so you will miss many clicks. Instead, call-to-action buttons have to be simple text buttons.

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