The top 3 email subject styles to increase your open rates

Let’s face it. Most of us decide whether we open or delete an email newsletter based on the subject line. 69% of email recipients report email as Spam based solely on the subject line. And the list goes on… Follow these guidelines to boost your open rates:

1. Simple, short and precise

Try to write a very short and precise description of your email campaign by using as less words as possible. Very long subjects may get truncated, particularly on mobile devices.

2. Personalize

Personalized subjects make your recipients feel important. Although usually they know that you sent the same email newsletter to thousand other recipients, each of them will feel special by just reading their names on the subject line.

3. Leave room for mystery

Although your subject has to describe as much as possible the email’s body, giving readers a little taste of something intriguing has more chances to open the email.

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